Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Science

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Helping You Understand Applied Metaphysics

Applied Metaphysics

Metaphysics has been wrongly treated as a kind of mystical concept and bastardized by the New Age movement. In fact, it is a branch of philosophy focused on the uncovering and understanding of the causes behind the phenomenal (physical) world. It is the study of causation. 

Our interest here is the modification of these causes as they relate to human health and well-being. 

The quantum and spiritual levels of causation are the most subtle and powerful because they are the 'source codes' and primary informational software for all life forms. Distortions and imbalances in these dimensions have intense and pathological effects on our overall health and happiness. Incorporating the right informational frequencies pushes out the disturbing versions and reconstitutes of our subtle energy fields, in alignment with higher, evolutionary orientations. 

This represents the ultimate epigenetics.